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Southampton’s Titanic Story

Nowhere was the impact of the Titanic felt more strongly than in Southampton

The tragic story of the Titanic is one that spans generations. And here in Southampton, its story is one that runs through our streets, our walls and even our homes.

Southampton’s Titanic Story offers an opportunity to connect with the past and discover the enormous impact the disaster had on Southampton’s very existence. You will experience the true tale of the ‘unsinkable’ ship as it made its maiden and final voyage from Southampton Docks, see first-hand items connected to the disaster and even hear the real-life voices of its survivors.

As you wander through the sights and sounds of Southampton in 1912, you will find yourself stepping back in time to that terrible day on 14 April 1912. The exhibition takes you through the entire pattern of events, from the moment the world’s most historic ship hit the iceberg through to its sinking and the rescue of just 705 (out of over 2,200) passengers.

See over 200 artefacts, listen to the stories of people who were there and marvel at the 1:25 interactive model of the ship. Southampton’s Titanic Story is an exhibition not to be missed.

Titanic walk through at SeaCity Museum
Listen to the busy sounds of the city and the hustle on board the RMS Titanic.
See historic items from passengers and staff and learn about the Southampton residents working on the ship.
Navigate an interactive model of the ship, work in the engine room and even try on passenger costumes.
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